This set of blogs will be how we write and share our thinking about our game design projects.  To make a post or edit, you need to log in by clicking on your blog title listed at the right.

Here is everyone’s project goal:

Create a video game using Scratch for a grade 2 or 3 student that makes learning about fractions fun and easy.

You need to have a final release version of your game by June 2.


You first post should share your thinking about these questions:

  1. What are grade 2 and 3 students learning about fractions? How do I find out?
  2. What makes a game fun for this age of child?
  3. How will I be sure that the player is learning about fractions from playing my game?

These are not easy questions and there is no single correct answer. But write down your thoughts anyway so that we can work together and discuss our ideas. Remember:

The smartest person in the room is the room!